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Private Healing Session

We are pleased to offer private sound healing sessions to help you experience the profound benefits of sound therapy in a personalised and immersive setting. Our trained and experienced sound healer creates a serene and nurturing environment where you can heal, relax and recharge.

Group Healing Session

In this session, you can experience the transformative power of sound therapy in a communal and supportive environment. Similarly, these sessions provide an opportunity to connect with others and harness the collective energy for healing and growth.

Space Cleaning

Are you moving into a new space or a new house ? Or are get you starting a new business? Get your spaces cleaned with sounds. Ensure a fresh start for your new space, house or business with a through cleaning with our Space Cleaning services.


Immerse yourself in serene sounds and vibrant vibrations with our handcrafted masterpieces. Each singing bowl is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans and hand-selected for you by our sound healer.

We are excited to release our online Store: Healing Embrace. It includes handmade products imported directly from Nepal. The main motivation for opening this shop is to encourage the hardworking people in the Himalayas. This step also motivates them to continue their creativity in handicrafts. 


During our collaboration sessions, our seasoned facilitator will lead you through a personalised and interactive journey. With the inclusion of various types of yoga, we cater to your specific aspirations.


Many of the artworks incorporate symbolic elements and sacred imagery, drawing inspiration from ancient wisdom, mythology, and enigmatic traditions. 

Private Healing Session

What is a Private Healing Session?

Private Healing Sessions are intimate sound therapy experiences. A sound healer works one-on-one with you to provide a tailored session that targets your healing journey, using sound as the medium for relaxation and rebalancing.

What’s included?

You’ll receive a personalized healing experience with a range of sound therapy instruments, chosen and played based on your personal wellness needs.


These sessions offer a deep, personal exploration of sound’s therapeutic benefits, potentially aiding in stress reduction, emotional balance, and physical pain relief.

Group Healing Session

What is a Group Healing Session?

Experience the collective energy of sound therapy in a group setting. These sessions provide a shared space for participants to connect and heal together. A sound healer guides the group through a journey of meditative soundscapes using various instruments, fostering a communal healing experience.

What’s included?

The session includes a group sound meditation, often accompanied by a sequence of healing sounds from singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments to facilitate a collective healing atmosphere.


Group Healing Sessions can offer stress relief, emotional release, and a sense of connectedness with others, enhancing overall well-being.

Space Cleaning

What is Space Cleaning?

Space Cleaning uses sound therapy to cleanse and energetically reset your environment. Whether moving into a new home or launching a business, these sessions are designed to clear old energies and set positive intentions. Using instruments like singing bowls and gongs, practitioners fill the space with resonant sounds believed to dispel negativity and invite tranquility.

What’s included?

A Space Cleaning session may involve a walkthrough of the premises, playing of instruments in various rooms to disperse sound evenly, and setting intentions for the space. It’s a bespoke service tailored to the size and acoustics of your location.


Space Cleaning can create a serene atmosphere, promote positive energy flow, and help you start anew with a cleansed environment.

Our Store

Singing Bowls

 Explore our extensive collection of singing bowls, from intricately crafted traditional metal to pristine crystal bowls. Each piece is selected for its quality and ability to produce harmonious and soothing tones, ideal for meditation, healing sessions, or as a calming presence in your living space.

Clothing, Bags, and Accessories

 Promoting handmade products made in Nepal encourages the hardworking people in the mountains to continue what they are doing.
Our HSHS clothing and unique accessories bring the essence of Nepal’s vibrant culture right to your wardrobe. Each item, from garments to bags, is a hand-crafted narrative celebrating the artisans’ deep-rooted craftsmanship. By choosing our environmentally friendly pieces, you’re not just making a style statement, you’re nurturing the planet and empowering the guardians of an ancient craft. Your purchase is a powerful gesture of support, sustaining their timeless art and the tradition it represents. Wear their stories, and support their future.

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