Om Boho Double-Sided Block Patchwork Print Pant (HSHSOB100)


Key Features:

  1.  Featuring the sacred Om symbol amidst vibrant block patchwork and prints.
  2. Unique patterns on both sides for versatile and eye-catching style.
  3.  Enjoy a comfortable fit that harmonizes with your active lifestyle.
  4.  Designed to adapt effortlessly to various body shapes.
  5.  100% Cotton
  6. Made in Nepal
  7. Free Size


    • Handwash separately in cold water
    • Line dry
    • Warm iron
    • Do not use bleach
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Immerse yourself in the serenity of our Om Boho Double-Sided Block Patchwork Print Pant. The sacred Om symbol, intricately woven into vibrant block patchwork and prints, creates a harmonious blend of style and spirituality. With patterns on both sides, this pant offers versatility and individuality. Slip into comfort and express your zenful side with every step—perfect for casual outings, yoga sessions, or simply embracing a laid-back boho lifestyle!


Om Essence, Boho Bloom, Hippie trippie, Cosmic Hues


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