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Mantra-Carved 9 inch Singing Bowl


Elevate your spiritual journey with our Mantra Carved 9-Inch Singing Bowl. Handmade and mantra-blessed, it’s your gateway to healing chakras, meditation, and profound spiritual resonance.

At 9 inches in diameter, this singing bowl strikes a balance in size, influencing the pitch and tone of its sound. It’s a versatile choice for those seeking a spiritual connection and healing journey.

Unleash the power of the Mantra Carved 9-Inch Singing Bowl in your spiritual journey. Let it resonate with your soul and elevate your vibrations with each melodious note.

Key Features:

  • 9-inch Mantra Carved Singing Bowl
  • Ideal for healing chakras, meditation, and spiritual exploration
  • Elevate your vibrations with every melodious note


  • Diameter: 9 inches


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