Himalayan Resonance: Hand-Beaten Singing Bowl Set


Embark on a journey of Himalayan Resonance with our 7-Piece Hand-Beaten Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, now complemented by the exquisite addition of Tigsha Cymbals. Each bowl in this harmonious ensemble is meticulously crafted, offering you a profound experience of sound healing and mindfulness.

Our “Himalayan Resonance” Set transcends the ordinary. Each bowl resonates with the power of the Himalayas, creating a harmonious soundscape that aligns your mind, body, and spirit with the energy of this majestic region.

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Key Features:

  • Set of seven hand-beaten Tibetan singing bowls
  • Includes Tigsha Cymbals to enrich your sound healing journey
  • Perfect for chakra balancing, meditation, and relaxation
  • Complete with mallets and cushions for each bowl


  • Bowl Sizes: This set features seven distinct singing bowls, each meticulously handcrafted and ranging from 2.8″ to 5″ in diameter.
  • Weight: The combined weight of these exquisite bowls is 7.05 lbs, adding substance to their harmonious sounds.
  • Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision by skilled artisans, each bowl is a unique masterpiece, and slight variations in measurements may occur.


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